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Lecture 5 (Archived)

In this lecture we covered:

Privileges and rings

Jumps in Assembly


Reversing loops

Lecture archive: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/706481658

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Lecture 4 (Archived)

In this lecture we covered:

More Olly and more on the Test file

Hands on and starting to step through and crack our code sample

Lecture archive:                https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/730871530

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Lecture 3 (Archived)

In this lecture we covered:

Using Olly

Analysing the test file “ReverseMe.exe”

X86 Registers and Flags

An intro to Assembly Instructions

Lecture archive:                https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/584145802

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1.1.1 Lecture 2 (Archived)

In this lecture we covered:


What is a Register

Using OllyDbg

An intro to Assembly code



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Lecture Series - Reversing Code.

This is a lecture series on code reversing. We start with MASM/NASM and work towards an analysis of Packed and crypt'd code in malware and software protection systems.

The series is designed to start with little direct assembly knowledge and to lead to a detailed understanding of reversing code from machine language into a higher level language (such as C).

1.1.1 Lecture 1 (Archived)

In this lecture we covered:

What are reversing, disassembling, decompiling

What is a debugger

The initial few slides do not come up in this video but will be added soon.


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Audit manual

Another old DeMorgan file

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Just an old file written for the ASX

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And the PDF for the Week

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The following is a summary and roundup of the major issues in information security and digital forensics for the week of 05th November 2011.

Read the complete blog here.

Presented by Dr. Craig Wright of Charles Sturt University.

Craig Wright is the VP of GICSR in Australia. He holds both the GSE, GSE-Malware and GSE-Compliance certifications from GIAC. He is a perpetual student with numerous post graduate degrees including an LLM specializing in international commercial law and ecommerce law, A Masters Degree in mathematical statistics from Newcastle as well as working on his 4th IT focused Masters degree (Masters in System Development) from Charles Sturt University where he lectures subjects in a Masters degree in digital forensics. He is writing his second doctorate, a PhD on the quantification of information system risk at CSU.

Listen Now:

And the PDF for the podcast.

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